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Multi-Award Winning

One of our wedding DJ packages includes us providing our wedding DJ ceremony service. Rather than leaving the music down to the venue staff, you can have your professional Sweet Vibe Events wedding DJ provide the ceremony music and much more for your wedding ceremony!

Wedding Hall
Wedding Aisle

Guests Arrival

As your guests arrive at the venue, they may not know which direction to be heading to. Your DJ will be greeting your guests on arrival with a friendly warm smile, to assist the guests where they need to be for the ceremony.


Wedding DJ Plays Prelude Music

Prelude music is background music that is played for about 30 minutes before the ceremony start time and consists of mellow songs that set the mood for a meaningful moment.

Wedding Hall

Wedding DJ Plays Procession Music

The Procession song is the music that you and your wedding party will walk down the aisle to – you can choose to have one song for everyone or choose a separate “walking down the aisle’ song for your grand entrance.

Wedding Hall

Wedding DJ plays Recession Music

Recessional songs, better known as wedding exit songs, are played as the couple walk back down the aisle as a newly married couple and the guests clap wildly!

Once your guests follow you out of the ceremony room, your wedding DJ will assist in directed you and your guests to where your drinks reception will take place.
What can your Wedding DJ do during your drinks reception?
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