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Multi-Award Winning

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Hey! I am Daryl, aka ‘the one who is always laughing! I am a fun and professional personality Wedding DJ, Wedding host, VIP Party DJ and the owner of Sweet Vibe Events.

Meet Daryl

How it Started
I have been a wedding DJ for over 20 years and started DJ'ing at just 12 years old!!
I Performed my very first wedding at just 13 years old and instantly fell in love with entertaining people. In my teenage years as well as being a wedding DJ, I went on to be a very successful nightclub DJ performing alongside many celebrities at the some of the biggest and glamorous nightclubs in London, Hertfordshire and Essex. 

After spending many years DJ'ing in nightclubs, I took a step back from nightclubs and went back to doing what I love the most... being a wedding DJ! At 25 years old I became a full-time wedding DJ and created Sweet Vibe Events. 
Forward the clock on to today and I am now the owner of a multi award-winning wedding DJ and events company and are one of the most popular and sought-after wedding DJ’s in the UK offering a completely unique and fun wedding DJ and interactive wedding host experience.
I believe I have the best job in world and I absolutely love what I do. I take the upmost pride and passion into making weddings and events unforgettable. 
My Style
In a nutshell, I would describe my style as a fun, personality wedding DJ and host. As a successful nightclub DJ, I learnt to mix music from a young age and believe that live mixing music is the key to a successful party. You can’t beat a continuous mix to keep the party going with no stopping! As a wedding DJ, I love Kisstory style music and really enjoy playing it when I can. My music knowledge is incredible! I have always had a true passion for music from a very young age and listen to a very diverse range of music genres. The music I play is very varied as I love all music (apart from heavy metal haha) and I think this is important to be able to play to many different age groups at weddings and parties. I am a very trendy DJ and also a very good entertainer as a wedding host.
More About Me
I am a family man (a lucky one). I have a gorgeous fiancée Paula (no she didn’t make me write that) and we have our beautiful daughter Tia. I am very proud to have them and thankful for them supporting me with the business and putting up with me working very unsociable hours. They are my rock and reason I strive to be successful.


If Hollywood made a movie about your life, which celebrity would be best suited to play you as the lead role?


Wedding DJ essex, wedding dj, wedding dj near me, essex wedding dj, dj hire, sweet vibe events


Hiya! I am Mark, aka ‘the handsome one’ I am a fun and professional personality Wedding DJ, Wedding host and VIP Party DJ at Sweet Vibe Events.

Meet Mark
How it Started
From a young tender age of just 9! I had my first set of disco lights and a twin tape deck and speakers. I was out as many weekends as possible DJ'ing for all my family and friends.  With my passion for music, lighting, atmosphere and entertaining from such a young age. I was lucky enough to get further bookings from recommendations and this has always been the best way for me to develop my DJ skills up till now.

Radio Experience
Back in 1999, whilst at secondary school for work experience, I was fortunate to spend two weeks working for Bruno Brookes at his radio station Storm Radio, where I was in a working radio station and was incredibly lucky to be surrounded by presenters. My love for being a presenter / entertainer has always been in my blood. I am now have my own weekly radio show on Radio Essex!

In 2003 I was also very fortunate to be given a residency at legendary night club Talk in Essex, from there I started to work my way around all the best nightclubs in London, Essex and Hertfordshire including Dukes, Sugar Hut, Sky bar, Mayhem, Storm, Eclipse, Chameleon, Bar Zero, Bar Bluu, Mantra Tao, Penthouse Leicester Square, Dick De Vignes, Pop world and guest DJ at Liquid Envy & Chicago’s. So, as you can see I have so much experience at filling the dancefloor and keeping everyone dancing all night long!
I am lucky enough to have worked on radio station Funky SX and now weekly appear on Radio Essex. I am a personality DJ with the ability to mix and get the crowd on the dance floor understating what to play and when to play it.

More About Me
I am a husband to my amazing wife and daddy to my two beautiful daughters. I absolutely love being a host and have done this professionally since 2002! Nothing is a better experience to me than DJ'ing a wedding and having the audience at the palm of your hands and getting a cheer from a song you play, or having a laugh with the guests, it’s just amazing!
I have been lucky enough to DJ some amazing functions over the years for various big-name celebrities and corporate clients as well as customers I have met in the clubs over the years and I absolutely LOVE what I do!

Watch DJ Mark's Interview and find out more about what he loves about Weddings!

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Wedding DJ essex, wedding dj, wedding dj near me, essex wedding dj, dj hire, sweet vibe events
Wedding DJ essex, wedding dj, wedding dj near me, essex wedding dj, dj hire, sweet vibe events


Hi! I am Limahl. I am a fun and professional personality Wedding DJ, Wedding host and VIP Party DJ at Sweet Vibe Events.
Meet Limahl

How it Started

I started DJ'ing at the young age of 18 years old and learnt to DJ during the House & Garage era. This is where my love grew for Kisstory type music and old skool anthems like garage but also loved to play R&B, Dancehall and current pop music.

I have also had such a big love for music and has always been in my blood. As soon as I started, I knew there and then that this is exactly what I want to do. 

Radio Experience

From a young age, I was heavily involved with various popular radio stations such as Radio 1Xtra and Choice FM. I loved being a DJ on radio and I quickly started getting booked up at huge live events. 

During my time on radio, I was heavily involved with the underground music scene where  I was able to perform alongside some very well known names...Tinie Tempah and of recent, Lethal Bizzle who booked me to travel across the globe to support their performances.


Because of my mixing style and versatility, I was able to hold DJ residencies in many Central London nightclubs such as 'Amika', 'Maya' and 'No.5'. It was in Amika nightclub that I was headhunted and asked to DJ in Dubai's most prestigious nightclub, 'People by Crystal' where I would go on to DJ there for several years.

After returning to the UK, I was constantly booked up by various clubs/bars within Hertfordshire and London purely because of my music expertise and professionalism.

Due to my musical knowledge and capability I am the perfect match for any celebration and know exactly how to fill a dancefloor to the max and keep it there.

More About Me

I am an all round DJ and have the ability to mix all genres.

I am an outstanding wedding DJ, wedding host and also can provide the most incredible DJ service for any party. 

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Wedding DJ essex, wedding dj, wedding dj near me, essex wedding dj, dj hire, sweet vibe events
Wedding DJ essex, wedding dj, wedding dj near me, essex wedding dj, dj hire, sweet vibe events


Hello! I am Chris, aka ‘DJ Eddie’ I am a VIP Party DJ at Sweet Vibe Events.

Meet Eddie

How it Started

I've always had a passion for music, which I guess I owe to my Mum who would always be playing all those Smooth/Groove RnB tunes and the 80s Dance music around the house when I was growing up. A wanted to become a DJ from a very young age and it was all thanks to my uncle who helped me start. It is also thanks to him that my love for underground music like UK garage and house music started. 


The very first party I ever did was a family party, I think I was 15 or 16 years old at the time. I simply took two separate stereo systems and played a song from 1, then the other! I didn't have decks at the time, looking back I had such amazing comments from everyone about the music selection I played and this spurred me on to invest in becoming a proper DJ. I purchased my first CD decks and decided that I would push myself to be a multi genre DJ. I am now confident and able to mix ALL genres to keep the dancefloor full to max...all night long. My music collection and knowledge are extensive. despite being 30 years young, I can comfortably play any genre music from the 60s up to the present day. 


Nightclubs and Experience

I have performed at many iconic nightclubs across London which include, Ministry of Sound, Pacha, O2 Arena (Matter), Fire (Vauxhall), Club Colosseum to name a few.

I am proud to have performed on the same stage as Tinie Tempah, N Dubz, Tinchy Stryder, DJ Luck & MC Neat, Majestic (kiss 100) plus many more. 

I regularly DJ for Essex celebrity hotspot Pink Zebra & Abridge Country Club. These clubs allow me to showcase my full talents with multi genre DJ'ing, hosting on the microphone, tune selecting and more importantly, reading & interacting with the crowd. 

More About Me

For me, being a DJ is all about the atmosphere/vibe you create, making peoples nights enjoyable, memorable. There is no greater feeling than hearing people scream with excitement when you drop an awesome tune, watching a crowd of dancers loving what you're doing but also excited at what you're going to play next. I vibe of the crowd and have as much excitement and fun as the guests dancing. 

Wedding DJ essex, wedding dj, wedding dj near me, essex wedding dj, dj hire, sweet vibe events
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