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Multi-Award Winning

A Fun and Unforgettable
 Corporate DJ Experience

If your event is taking place at a grand hotel or a quiet, small village hall, we will always give it 110% and go above and beyond to make sure that you and your guests have the best time possible and exceed your expectations.


All our DJ’s all have extensive experience in the nightclub industry, so we REALLY know how to get everyone dancing and having the time of their lives!

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Every year we supply DJ services and special touches to hundreds of luxury and VIP events which include…


Birthdays Parties

Corporate Events

Christmas Parties

Mitzvah Parties

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A stress-free and unforgettable DJ experience

It is so important to have absolute confidence when booking a DJ to achieve a truly amazing, memorable and stress-free experience. We have taken DJing to a whole new level! We are NOT just another DJ that will turn up with a small table and a few flashy lights. Our amazing mixing skills with music, our vast experience when reading a crowd plus our extremely impressive sound system and LED light show will give any party the “Wow Factor”.

The music has to be right; it can make or break the party. The type of function, theme, requests and playlists all have to be addressed by the DJ. Every party is different and requires the right music and right amount of interaction with the audience.

With our music expertise we know how to start, build and maintain a fantastic party vibe. We always know exactly the right time to drop-in the party anthems to make the crowd go wild, finishing the night with a big grand finale and leave the audience wanting more. We have been wowing crowds throughout Essex, Hertfordshire and surrounding counties for a long time and there are many more to come!

Online Planner
& Music Request System

Access to your own online DJ planner designed especially for you

We want your event to be perfect, in fact, we want it to be better than perfect. For this reason, we have built our own unique online event planner. This was created just for you, to make it easier to see and manage your booking. Once you have booked your event with us, we will send you your unique username and password and you can log in straight away and begin your event planning.


Your online event planner has multiple functions. You can view everything you have booked, see all costings including how much you have paid and what your remaining balance is, upgrade packages and input all your details like timings and logistics of the day.


The most popular part of the online planner is… your MUSIC PLAYLIST section.

You will have your own online music playlist section to add all your favourite songs to!

YES, that’s right, no longer needing to write requests on excel spreadsheets or on scrap bits of paper. You can choose from over 100,000 songs in our library and you can even listen to them too. You don’t need to send us anything as we can see all your plans and song choices in your planner.


We even have a ‘DO NOT play’ list on there so you can add the songs you do not want played.


Once you have booked in, sit down, grab some refreshments, start planning and get adding your favourite songs straight away!

As soon as you have your login details, sit down and start listening to/adding your favourite songs to your playlist straight away!









We will have the youngsters dancing to 80’s and 90’s tunes and the older generation raving to Garage and bashment. One of the biggest secrets to a full dancefloor is the energy that the DJ brings. There is nothing worse than a boring DJ with their head down, no energy and constantly on their phone! I know, it makes us cringe!


Our wedding DJ’s love to bring the energy and don’t stop dancing and engaging with the crowd whilst performing. When your guests see this, it encourages them onto the dancefloor. Once they are on the dancefloor, we want to keep them there. One of the techniques we use for this is that we live mix (beat-match) and mashup songs live so that there is no stopping once we get started until the last song at the end of the night. This is what gives you the nightclub experience. The only reason we would have an unhappy guest is if they needed the toilet but are not able to leave the dancefloor from the constant flow of amazing tunes!


WE LOVE TAKING REQUESTS on the night and we love interacting with people especially with you and your guests so if anyone wants to come and ask for a song during the evening, they are more than welcome. You may prefer us to not take requests at all from anyone. That is your choice, we are happy whichever way you choose.


This is where we take the fun to a whole new level. The party is ready to go and we have the perfect party playlist to mix live and create unforgettable memories. 


Our DJ’s are all top of their game and it will be impossible to find a DJ that will be able to compete with what we do. Check out the DJ’s and meet the team here.

Have a look through some of our example playlists of the different genres we would play at parties.

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