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Multi-Award Winning


A Unique, Fun & Unforgettable
Wedding DJ Experience

At Sweet Vibe Events, we understand that your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. That's why we're dedicated to helping you create the wedding of your dreams, starting with an unforgettable evening party.


We know that the evening reception is a key part of any wedding, and we're committed to making it an experience that you and your guests will never forget. Our team is passionate about creating fun and unique wedding experiences that keep your guests dancing all night long. We promise to make your wedding the best party you and your guests have ever attended, ensuring that your investment in the evening party is well worth it.

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Access to your online wedding planner

Your online planner has multiple functions. You can view everything you have booked, access your music playlist, see all costings, upgrade packages and input all your details like timings and logistics of the day.

Our couples LOVE the music playlist section. We have created your own music playlist to add all of your favourite songs to!

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Venue Meeting with your Wedding DJ

Around one/two months before your wedding date, we will organise to meet you both at your wedding venue. Why do we need to do this? We love people, so we would love to be able to actually meet you face to face before the big day. We will also

finalise the finer details like timings, logistics etc and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want another excuse to visit their wedding venue again!


Early Setup

Your wedding DJ can offer an early setup (where possible). We love to be able to setup equipment before anyone arrives. This is to avoid disruption and for a faster transition into the evening reception.

There is no extra charge for this service and is included in all our wedding DJ packages.






At Sweet Vibe Events, we believe that traditional Toastmasters can be too formal and outdated for modern weddings. That's why we offer a more fun and informal alternative with our Wedding Host service. Our Wedding Hosts, also known as "Hype Men," bring a professional and energetic personality to your special day and ensure that everything runs smoothly without sacrificing any of the fun.

Our Wedding Hosts are responsible for tasks such as greeting guests, directing them to their seats,

announcing the bridal party entrance, and orchestrating the cake cutting, first dance, and bouquet toss.


We also provide crucial support to the photographer by organising photography shots and liaising with event staff and management to ensure that the lighting and sound levels are set appropriately. By hiring our Wedding Host service, you can be confident that your guests will have a fantastic time without having to worry about the details. If you have a friend or family member who is acting as your wedding host, we are happy to provide them with additional support and reminders to ensure that everything

runs smoothly.


Who will be playing the music for our ceremony? Your wedding DJ can provide music for your ceremony if required.


Prelude - Background music for guest arrival into the ceremony

Procession – Your walking down the aisle song

Signatures – background songs whilst you are signing the register

Recession – Walking out as a married couple song

Drinks Reception

Nobody likes awkward silence at a wedding. We like to create an ambiance with music.  For your reception drinks, you can choose between background music or a Live DJ set (Ibiza sunset style). The DJ set won’t be too loud though, as your guests will want to talk and catch up with each other. We can provide either the background music or a DJ set whether you are outside or indoors.

Wedding Breakfast

Your Wedding DJ will plan with you the type of background music that you would like to hear whilst you are all eating. If you have no idea what to play, don’t panic as we have many example playlists that we can show you.


We believe that music is a key element in creating the perfect wedding celebration. That's why we have a comprehensive online planning system that allows our couples to request their favourite songs and create a personalised playlist for their special day. During our face-to-face wedding planning meeting, we discuss the music in more detail to ensure that we understand your preferences and can tailor the music to your specific tastes. We love taking requests from the couple and their guests on the night of the wedding too, as it allows us to create an interactive and engaging atmosphere that keeps everyone on the dancefloor. At Sweet Vibe Events, we are committed to creating a truly personalised wedding experience that reflects your unique style and personality. 


At Sweet Vibe Events, we take wedding DJ music to the next level, ensuring that your evening party is unforgettable. Our talented wedding DJs are experts in their field and are guaranteed to keep your guests dancing all night long. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional DJ services that cannot be matched by our competitors. Get to know our DJs and the rest of our team by clicking HERE.


To give you an idea of the different genres we can play at weddings, we have also provided example playlists for your reference. Whether you're into Kisstory, Garage, R&B, 80's, Motown, Current chart music or any other genre, we have you covered. Check out our music playlist by clicking the button below...

"Where do we start, Sweet Vibe Events Wedding DJ's are amazing – not only as a result of their wide-ranging knowledge of musical genres, but mostly because they know how to engage the entire wedding party. Our wedding was a cultural mix of Afro-Caribbeans as well as English family.
They called us regularly to check he had the right song choices, timings and other fine details to ensure they delivered the best possible package and to further guarantee our special day ran smoothly." 

"We loved how they engaged the audience with warm-up cards written by the guests for us (the bride and groom), this was a perfect prelude to the speeches. Definitely recommend the Mr and Mrs game. It was a great bit of fun and set up the first dance perfectly!

If you need a wedding DJ there is not a better company,

we would recommend over Sweet Vibe Events!"

Mr & Mrs Boatin

Our wedding day was amazing and Sweet Vibe Events were such a massive part of the success. The evening party was even more incredible than we could ever of imagined. We are big party goers and wanted our dancefloor full up for as long as possible. The music was done amazingly and knew exactly what to play at the right times!

Mr & Mrs Freeman

Online Planner
Secret to full dancefloor

The best secret to getting a full dancefloor at a wedding is to create a fun and energetic atmosphere that encourages guests to get up and dance. This can be achieved by playing a variety of music genres that cater to all age groups and musical tastes. A skilled DJ who can read the crowd and adjust the music accordingly can keep the energy high and the dancefloor full. Additionally, engaging with the guests and encouraging them to participate on the dancefloor can create a lively and interactive atmosphere that keeps everyone entertained and on their feet.

One of our other secrets we use for to pack the dancefloor is to mix the music (beat-match) and mashup songs live so that there is no stopping once we get started until the last song at the end of the night. This is what gives you the nightclub experience.

So, why is mixing songs live at a wedding so important?


Booking a personality DJ from Sweet Vibe Events who mixes live offers a number of advantages over a standard DJ who just plays songs back to back. First and foremost, a personality DJ brings a unique energy and charisma to your event that simply can't be replicated by a DJ who just hits "play" on a pre-made playlist. A personality DJ can read the crowd and adjust their playlist on the fly to keep everyone on the dance floor all night long.

Moreover, a personality DJ who mixes live can create a seamless, fluid musical experience that flows from one song to the next, keeping the energy level high and the party going strong. This is much different than a standard DJ who simply plays songs back to back, which can lead to awkward transitions and breaks in the music that can kill the mood.

Finally, ensuring that the sound and lighting are of high quality can also make a huge difference in creating a memorable dancefloor experience.

In short, booking a Sweet Vibe Events personality DJ who mixes live is an investment in creating a truly unforgettable event. With our ability to read the crowd, keep the energy level high, and seamlessly transition from song to song, we promise to deliver a party that your guests will be talking about for years to come.

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"We have had the absolute pleasure of knowing Daryl at Sweet Vibe Events since our venture first began here at Villiers Barn.

From the moment we first met Daryl, it was easy to notice the same passion and enthusiasm he has for his job as we do ours, it was at this moment we knew we would absolutely love to work him, and recommend Sweet Vibe Events to all our Villiers Barn couples.

His personality as well as his 5* DJ skills makes him stand out, but his care and devotion to making every couples wedding as personal as possible puts him shoulders above the rest.

We cannot wait for our long working future together and to also host their beautiful wedding day!"

Jonathan Day
Events Manager
Villiers Barn


Your first dance as a married couple is a very special moment. Your wedding DJ will work alongside your wedding photographer to organise your guests in the best position to ensure that you have the very best possible photos to remember your special moment.


Julia & Anthony

DARYL !!!! "WHAT A DJ .....
......WHAT A DJ" I heard these words belted so many times during our wedding and not just from me! Witnessing a true genius at work that knows their whole profession inside and out was a whole experience in itself. Me and my husband were truly honoured and blessed to have you as our DJ but also as our ultimate wedding hype man! We had a whole day's worth of seamless, quality music AND HYPE that glued the whole day together. The day wouldn't have been the day without you and I knew that after 30 seconds of speaking to you on our VERY first phonecall! You were so on my wavelength and won each and every person over on the day. Every time I had to wander off to do bridal mingling duties It wasn't long before I was uncontrollably gravitating back towards the dancefloor because once again you just put on another one of "MY JAMS" as if you've always known us. "DARYL doesn't throw the kitchen sink he throws the hot tub" 🔥 and then some! Picking the right DJ was a huge factor for me in making the day as amazing as could be and Daryl you're not human you're just a magical DJ wizard. I especially knew we made the right choice when we let our venue planner know that Daryl was our DJ, their faces said it all but I specifically remember them saying "oh YES Daryl just makes everything better" and they couldn't have been more right. Thank you thank you thank you 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 xxx


Jess & Lee

We got married in July and we STILL can’t stop talking about how amazing Daryl was. From the very start, Daryl took the time to ensure the service he provided was the very best, from our phone phone call 18months before our day, all the way through to delivering the best party we’ve ever been to. The online wedding planner he provides is so thorough, our day couldn’t have run more smooth. Nothing is too much trouble and literally nothing is forgotten! Daryl met us a month before our day to go through everything with us regarding set up and our taste in music and we didn’t have to worry about anything else. He arrived early, his set up was beautiful, and his music was INCREDIBLE. All of our guests commented on how lovely the music was throughout the day, how fun and energetic Daryl was, and how brilliant the party was. We didn’t leave the dance floor the ENTIRE night and it’s most certainly a celebration we will never forget. If I could it all again, I wouldn’t change a SINGLE thing regarding our DJ. A HUGE thank you to Daryl for making our day so special, you brought all the right vibes and I can’t recommend enough!!

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