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Access to your own online event planner account

We understand that planning a party can sometimes be overwhelming, which is why we've created a user-friendly online party planner to help you organise your event and keep track of all your music preferences. Our unique online party planner is designed to make your event perfect and even better than you've imagined. As soon as you book with us, we'll send you a unique username and password so you can access your planner and start organising your day right away.

Our online planner is equipped with various features that allow you to manage your booking, view costs and payments, and input all the essential details such as timings and logistics for the day.

One of the most loved features of our online planner is the MUSIC PLAYLIST section, where you can add your favourite songs to your personalised playlist. You can choose from over 100,000 songs in our library and even listen to them before adding them to your playlist. We also have a 'DO NOT play' list to ensure that any songs you dislike won't get played at your event.

No more worrying about keeping track of music requests on spreadsheets or scraps of paper. With our online planner, everything is in one place, secure and easy to access. After booking, we'll send you an email with your login details, and you can start planning your event right away!

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Login to your planner

When you login to your account, you will be able to see all your details and everything you have booked. You can also see your countdown timer to see exactly how long you have until your event!


Plan your party

We have added some planning documents to your planner which we require you to fill out. These includes the finer details of your event like timings and other suppliers’ details etc.


Add your music requests

Personalise your party music playlist by adding the songs you love. You can listen to over 100,000 songs within the music section and add them to your playlist at the click of a button.

We have different sections of the playlist to help you organise songs.


Must Play – Songs that MUST be played at your party


Play if possible – Songs you would like us to play (but not the end of the world if we can’t squeeze them in).


Dedication – If you would like any specific songs dedicated to someone.


DO NOT play – It is very important that we DO NOT play any songs that you don't want played! Add those ones into this section.

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Flexible payments to help manage your booking

You can see all the financials of your booking within the planner. You can see the total price of your booking, how much you have paid and your remaining balance. To make it easier for couples, we have added a MAKE A PAYMENT button. You can login whenever you like and make payments (small or large) to help you pay off your balance easier.

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