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Multi-Award Winning

A Fun and Unforgettable
 DJ Experience

We specialise in providing premium entertainment for all types of events, including birthdays, engagement parties, corporate events, and mitzvah parties. Our professional team of expert DJs has years of experience in the industry and are ready to help you create an unforgettable party experience.

We understand that your event is unique, and that's why we offer a personalised service to ensure that your specific needs are met. Our DJs will work with you to create a customised playlist that perfectly reflects your tastes and the theme of your event. We have an extensive music library that spans all genres and eras, so no matter what your preference, we've got you covered.

We know how important it is to have the right music and entertainment at your event, and that's why we only hire the best DJs with many years of nightclub experience. Our DJs have a keen sense of what it takes to keep the dance floor packed and the energy high all night long.

At Sweet Vibe Events, we also understand that planning an event can be stressful. That's why we've developed an online planning system that makes it easy for you to plan your event with ease. You can choose your music, create a playlist, and even add special requests for your DJ.

We also use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that the sound quality is perfect and the music is crystal clear. We believe that having the best equipment is crucial to providing the best experience for our clients.

Our VIP luxury party DJ services are perfect for those who want to create an unforgettable experience for their guests. Whether you want a classic party vibe or something more unique and customised, we can help you create the perfect atmosphere for your event.

So, if you're looking for a DJ that can bring the party of a lifetime, look no further than Sweet Vibe Events. Contact us today to book your event and experience the best in VIP luxury party DJ services.


Professional and trendy DJ hire for many VIP occasions

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A stress-free and unforgettable DJ experience

Booking a DJ for your event can be a daunting task, and it's important to have confidence in the DJ you choose to ensure a truly unforgettable, stress-free experience. That's where we come in. At our DJ company, we take DJ'ing to a whole new level.

We're not just another DJ who shows up with a small table and a few flashy lights. We pride ourselves on our amazing mixing skills, vast experience in reading a crowd, and our impressive sound system and LED light show that will give your party the "Wow Factor".

We understand that music can make or break a party, which is why we take the time to address the type of function, theme, requests, and playlists with our clients. Every party is different, and we believe the right music and level of interaction with the audience is crucial to creating the perfect atmosphere.

With our music expertise, we know how to start, build, and maintain a fantastic party vibe. Our DJs always know the right time to drop in the party anthems to make the crowd go wild, finishing the night with a big grand finale that leaves the audience wanting more.

We've been wowing crowds throughout Essex, Hertfordshire, London and surrounding counties for a long time, and we look forward to bringing our expertise to many more parties to come. Don't settle for an average DJ - choose us for an unforgettable party experience.

Daryl came high recommended as I was looking for someone who would play a mix of old school kisstory, house and up to date chart music (and none of the usual "cheesy" classics)! Daryl was amazing! He had everyone up dancing from the start of the night right to the (very messy) end! We had the best night celebrating and couldn't have asked for a better DJ! He was so friendly and helpful, Thank you again Daryl!

Gemma Wilkinson Engagement Party

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Online Planner
Online Planner
& Music Request System
Access to your own online DJ planner designed especially for you

We understand that planning an event can be overwhelming, which is why we've created a user-friendly online wedding planner to help you organise your event and keep track of all your music preferences. Our unique online party planner is designed to make your event perfect and even better than you've imagined. As soon as you book with us, we'll send you a unique username and password so you can access your planner and start organising your party right away.

Our online planner is equipped with various features that allow you to manage your booking, view costs and payments, and input all the essential details such as timings and logistics for your event.

One of the most loved features of our online planner is the MUSIC PLAYLIST section, where you can add your favourite songs to your personalised playlist. You can choose from over 100,000 songs in our library and even listen to them before adding them to your playlist. We also have a 'DO NOT play' list to ensure that any songs you dislike won't get played at your event.

No more worrying about keeping track of music requests on spreadsheets or scraps of paper. With our online planner, everything is in one place, secure and easy to access. After booking, we'll send you an email with your login details, and you can start planning your special event right away!

As soon as you have your login details, sit down and start listening to/adding your favourite songs to your playlist straight away!

Our Secret to a full dancefloor

The best secret to getting a full dancefloor at any party is to create a fun and energetic atmosphere that encourages guests to get up and dance. This can be achieved by playing a variety of music genres that cater to all age groups and musical tastes. A skilled DJ who can read the crowd and adjust the music accordingly can keep the energy high and the dancefloor full. Additionally, engaging with the guests and encouraging them to participate on the dancefloor can create a lively and interactive atmosphere that keeps everyone entertained and on their feet.

One of our other secrets we use for to pack the dancefloor is to mix the music (beat-match) and mashup songs live so that there is no stopping once we get started until the last song at the end of the night. This is what gives you the nightclub experience.

So, why is mixing songs live at a wedding so important?

Booking a personality DJ from Sweet Vibe Events who mixes live offers a number of advantages over a standard DJ who just plays songs back to back. First and foremost, a personality DJ brings a unique energy and charisma to your event that simply can't be replicated by a DJ who just hits "play" on a pre-made playlist. A personality DJ can read the crowd and adjust their playlist on the fly to keep everyone on the dance floor all night long.

Moreover, a personality DJ who mixes live can create a seamless, fluid musical experience that flows from one song to the next, keeping the energy level high and the party going strong. This is much different than a standard DJ who simply plays songs back to back, which can lead to awkward transitions and breaks in the music that can kill the mood.

Finally, ensuring that the sound and lighting are of high quality can also make a huge difference in creating a memorable dancefloor experience.

In short, booking a Sweet Vibe Events personality DJ who mixes live is an investment in creating a truly unforgettable event. With our ability to read the crowd, keep the energy level high, and seamlessly transition from song to song, we promise to deliver a party that your guests will be talking about for years to come.


We believe that music is a key element in creating the perfect event. That's why we have a comprehensive online planning system that allows our clients to request their favourite songs and create a personalised playlist for their special event.  We love taking requests from our clients and their guests during the event too, as it allows us to create an interactive and engaging atmosphere that keeps everyone on the dancefloor. At Sweet Vibe Events, we are committed to creating a truly personalised wedding experience that reflects your unique style and personality. 


Music is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of a party. It sets the tone for the entire event and creates the ultimate dance party for the evening. With an experienced Sweet Vibe Events DJ, you can rest assured that your music needs will be met and your guests will have an unforgettable time.


We work with you to create a personalised playlist that will cater to the tastes of you and your guests. We structure the party with a specific music plan to ensure that the right music is played at the right time to keep the dancefloor packed and the party going. All of our DJ's have extensive experience in the nightclub industry, ensuring that all music is mixed live from start to finish for a seamless and uninterrupted party. We are committed to making your wedding as fun and unique as possible, and our DJs will ensure that everyone is dancing and having a great time all night long. Trust us to make your evening reception truly epic, and guarantee that your wedding will be the best party you and your guests have ever attended.

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